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Do you have a geyser problem? You need to contact our plumber.

We operate 24 hours 7 days a week, with an emergency plumber to solve all your geyser problems. Contact us or phone our emergency plumber on 083-548-2011.

  • Do you need a new geyser installed? Kwikot geysers, Franke geysers... We do all makes of geysers, regulator valves, and master flow valves.

  • Do you have no hot water coming from the tap? Your geyser's thermostat might be faulty, the most probable reason for you to have no hot water. It may just need a new thermocouple. This is an inexpensive geyser part, which is easily replaced, giving you hot water for years to come. Obtaining a new geyser thermocouple can be as easy as a trip to your local hardware or plumbing shop. Most plumbers would charge you 300% of the cost of THIS ITEM alone, but Gauteng Handyman Services will identify your geyser thermocouple, so you can choose to purchase it direct. We will then install the geyser thermocouple for you. This way you can save on material, paying only for the installation.

    Contact us or call our plumber on 083-548-2011. We will make sure that you soon have hot water again.