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24 Hour Electrical Service

Do you have an electrical problem? Our electrician is just one call away. Call our electrician on 083-548-2011 now.


  • We operate 24 hours 7 days a week, with an emergency electrician to solve all your electrical problems. Contact us or phone our emergency electrician on 083-548-2011 (any time of the day or night).

  • Do you have a power outage, leading to no electricity? Phone our electrician on 083-548-2011. He will come out to you at any time of night to do electrical fault finding and repair. The power will be back on in no time.

  • Are the Eskom load shedding schedules leading to no power in your household? Have you considered installing a generator as an alternative power source? Our electrician can install a generator for you. Phone him on 083-548-2011.

  • Is your electrical earth leakage or main electrical switch tripping? Reasons for electricity tripping:
    - faulty stoves and ovens or appliances
    - faulty single or double plugs or stove and geyser isolators
    - faulty lights
    - faulty wiring
    - faulty geyser
    All the above can make the earth leakage in the main trip constantly.

    We can fix it. Yes, we can quickly repair the faulty electrical problems. 

    Phone our electrician on 083-548-2011 and he will fix it for you.

  • Electrical surge protectors installed in any electricity main distribution board are one of the most important parts to block electrical surges. Contact us to install electrical surge protectors on your electrical main distribution board.
  • We carry out all 220 volt and 360 volt electrical repairs and installations.
  • For wall plug sockets: We can force through walls, run new cables for new plug points, or extend plug points. We also plaster walls and do the tiling afterwards. We will also test the poles of the wall plug wires.
  • For new and old geysers: We will test the thermostat, the element, the isolator switch and the main breaker to ensure that the geyser works properly.
  • For stoves: We will test the plates, elements, thermostat switches and wiring, making sure that it will work 100% when cooking.
  • For appliances: We will check that all working parts and switches are working.
  • For lighting: We do installation of inside and outside, low and high bay lights, and all energy efficient LED light installations.
  • For electrical gate motors and gate arms: We test and make sure all parts, programming and remotes work.

  • Do you have wires in the main electricity board going "zzz" or "grrr"? Do you have electrical sparks and smoke coming from the main electrical board or from the plugs? We can fix it. Yes, we can. Immediately switch off the main switch at the main electrical board, and then call our electrician on 083-548-2011. He will be able to give you information over the phone, and will come out to your premises at any time of day or night. Our electrician will soon have you back on line with electricity to power your lights, plugs and any other electrical needs.

  • A tip for you: Repairing an electrical lawn mower's cord or faulty switch is very important. Open electrical wires touching the ground from the cord are very dangerous, and can lead the electricity to trip at the main board. Always ensure that a cut lawn mower cord is properly repaired by a competent person.

  • Do you need to mount a wall bracket for a flat screen television or monitor? We can do this for you. We use a level for all our wall bracket installations. We will take care of all the connections between the flat screen television and DSTV decoder, and we will also extend the electrical plug points for your flat screen television and your DSTV decoder.

  • Has the earth pin been stolen from your property, causing electrical problems? We can fix it. Yes, our electrician can fit a new earth pin and underground cabling to the main electricity's distribution board. Contact us or call our emergency electrician on 083-548-2011.

  • Our electrician can do underground cable fault finding and laying of new underground cable, and also installation of cable kits for underwater cable connections for water submersible pumps.

  • Do you need outdoor electrical lights installed? Contact us. We offer complete installation of waterproof, outdoor electrical lights.