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Do you need to fit or fix a door or window?

  • We fit any door - Patio doors, sliding doors, stack doors, pivot doors, kitchen doors, bedroom doors, office doors, security doors and burglar proof doors.
  • We offer a discounted rate for multiple door installations or repairs.
  • Do you have a broken door in the house and need a new door fitted? We will remove the broken door, fit a door lock set, fit door hinges and hang a new door. We will varnish and wood coat all your wooden doors, so they have a longer lifespan, indoors and outdoors. Our carpenter will be on your doorstep. Just call him now on 072-724-9444.
  • For any manufactured wooden door or wooden window, we can fit and do the installation. We offer a good rate for multiple installations of wooden doors, wooden windows and wooden garage doors i.e. pull-up wooden doors. We also do sanding, oil sealing and woodoc varnish seal, and creosoting of roof rafters before and after repairs. This is a small list of products we can provide in relation to wooden doors, wooden windows and wooden garage doors.
  • We can refit broken hooks, broken sliders, broken locks, broken window nips and clips on interior doors, exterior doors, pivot doors, patio doors, wooden windows, cabinet doors, pantry doors and garage doors.
  • Do you have a cabinet door or pantry door with hinges that constantly fall off, or does your cabinet door or pantry door not close properly? We will fit your pantry door or cabinet door with the correct hinges, properly adjusted, so that it will not fall off again. Yes, there are two types of hinges which are made for pantry doors. These hinges should be fitted and adjusted correctly. We can fit the pantry door correctly, with the correct pantry door hinges, lined up and fitted right first time:-)
  • Is your patio door not sliding? Does it make a screeching, scratching noise? Do the patio door hooks get stuck, so that the door is not closing? We can repair the patio sliding door's slider wheels. We will take the door completely out and repair it.
    Yes, we can do all that.
  • Do you have a security door that is blocking or obstructing the patio door, blocking the dead bolt lock on the patio door from locking? No problem. We will remove the security door, repair the patio door, refit the patio door, and refit the security door. We also have steel welding experience. We will oxide the steel after every weld, repaint the security door, and fit the patio door.
  • Is your wooden pivot door hooking on the door frame, so that the pivot door does not close? We can fix your pivot door. Yes, it only takes two hours to fix a pivot door.
  • Is your wooden door not closing easily into the wooden door frame? Does it scrape and need a strong push to close the wooden door? We can fix the wooden door frame and the wooden door, so that it closes easily.
  • Does your wooden window not close properly into the wooden frame, or does it hook when closing the wooden window into the window frame? This can easily be fixed by dismounting the wooden window frame, fixing it and then fitting it back into the wooden window frame. We can even replace the glass in the wooden window frame or wooden door. We can fit glass into any wooden door (meranti/ pine/ teak).
  • Do you have a garage door that pulls up or rolls up with cables or springs? We can calibrate and adjust the cable, align garage door guides that have slipped out of the channel, or repair garage door's cable that has come loose. We can also repair your garage electric pull up motor.
  • We fit manufactured wooden doors and wooden windows into doorways and window frames. Previously installed steel door frames and window frames can be removed by us. We will then refit new wooden door frames, new wooden window frames and new wooden doors.

Contact us so that we can fix it all for you.